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Running Brussels 20K 29 May in support of Ukraine

par Jessica Lindelöf

1 150 €

collectés sur 500 €





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Le projet
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Les actus
Pourquoi ce projet vous tient-il à coeur ? Transmettez-nous votre engagement !
What is happening to the Ukrainian people is appalling and upsetting. This is a way of showing solidarity and support and contribute with funding to humanitarian organisations that help them.

Quel est votre objectif ?
At least €500 towards Ukraine 12-12 funding.

Quelque chose à ajouter ? Une anecdote à partager ?
The last time I "ran" the Brussels 20K was in 2016. My achievement then was to get in goal just beneath 2h - now 6 years later and at 50+ I will be very pleased with the same achievement.
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100 €


S. W.

25 €


F. N.

50 €


50 €


V. I.

50 €


H. K.

100 €


A. M.

25 €


M. B.

100 €


100 €


M. P.

50 €

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  • Cia - 28/05/2022

    Making the world a better place, running for a good cause. Cheering for you all the way.
  • Fredrik Sandell - 28/05/2022

    Have fun Jessica and run Jessica run!
  • Cia - 28/05/2022

    Även om jag inte är på plats är jag med dig o peppar och hejjar!@. Kommer gå galant älskade syster!!
  • Joe - 28/05/2022

    Hoppas jag hade kunnat springa med dig imorgon mamma... Du får löpa för oss båda! Glöm inte äta och gå på toa innan :D
  • Titti - 24/04/2022

    Wow what a great idea! I wish I could participate 😍 good luck to you all! ❤️
  • Khamara N. - 20/04/2022

    “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.”
    Great initiative Jessica ! Run as fast as you can but please don’t overtake me too quickly !
  • Davide - 20/04/2022

    Love the concept!! 🤩 I am sure that your performance will be as great as your initiative!!💪😎
  • H K - 08/04/2022

    Que la force de vos jambes soit égalée par l'agilité de votre esprit. Je suis plein d'admiration. Je vous souhaite une course passionnante.
  • Bassam Gemayel - 08/04/2022

    Living without a cause is just erring in the sea of no meaning.
    Thank you for sharing your will and cause, Jessica!
    Run, Jessica, run, the world is yours, and so are our hearts and minds
  • Ullis - 06/04/2022

    Brilliant cousin, brilliant initiative! <3
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